Winter Skin Care Routine: Tips And Products

With the winter months ahead of us, it’s a good time to take stock of our skin care products and whether the skincare routine we use is appropriate for the cold weather. The cold and dry weather means that we need to add more moisturising to our routine, and while that’s absolutely essential, it’s also important to maintain a winter-appropriate skin care routine.

We must fine tune our skincare strategy or routine as the seasons change. Products that are adopted on a sunny day might not work effectively well in the cold. Every season has a different effect on our skin, therefore it's crucial to adjust our daily skincare regimens by adding or removing certain products to achieve balance and efficacy.

Daily Skincare Routines For Winter For Each Skin Type:

The golden rule for any skincare regimen is to use products that are appropriate for our skin type. Examine your skin type and the ingredients that work best before you go shopping for skincare products at your local store. The four most common skin types are normal, oily, dry, and combination. The majority of natural skin care products are excellent for all skin types.

For Normal Skin:

You don't really need to change your everyday routine to take better care of your skin if you have normal skin. To properly balance the skin, follow some straightforward winter skin care advice that includes cleaning and moisturising. When doing your winter night skincare regimen, use a heavy moisturiser..

For Dry Skin:

Dry skin is a common concern during the winters, but if you already have dry skin, the season might be disastrous for you. The dry winter air combined with dry skin can make your skin feel worse. Dry skin has less natural oil or moisture. Avoid frequent exfoliating if you have dry skin since it might irritate the skin. Foam-based cleansers can further dry up your skin, so stick to natural and mild cleansers. To lock in the moisture, use moisturisers that are extra hydrating.

For Oily Skin:

In the winter, chilly air may breach your skin's barrier and dry out your skin. More oil is released into the pores of your skin as a result. The most effective technique to open up your pores and get rid of extra oil is to do so after a morning exfoliation. Close the pores on your face by rinsing with cold water to keep pollutants from setting in. Use a lightweight moisturiser that won't weigh down your skin.

For Combination Skin:

Avoid using products that leave your skin feeling oily while changing your winter skincare regimen. Maintain a healthy balance between the oily and dry parts of your face by using moderate cleansers. To retain your skin's pH balance after cleaning and to keep it moisturised all day, include a toner in your routine.

Apart from using the VLCC Papaya Fruit Single Facial Kit, there are a few other things you can do to take care of your skin during the summer months.

Tips To Follow During Colder Days:

1. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

Applying skincare products for winter that are particularly moisturising is crucial since cold winters sap your skin's natural moisture. To deeply refresh and nurture your skin, use body butter at night. It's just as crucial to maintain a winter skincare regimen at night as it is during the day. Therefore, take all necessary precautions to maintain healthy skin, even at night.

As we mentioned, a good body butter like the VLCC Shea & Vitamin E Body Butter is perfect to protect your skin and repair the natural barrier. It is a super rich formulation that delivers the goodness of Shea, Vitamin E and antioxidants. This rich nourishing body butter is like a superfood for your skin.

Another great product to use during the winters is the VLCC Almond Honey Deep Nourishing & Skin Brightening Body Lotion. Nourish and soothe your skin with honey and almond body lotion with a blend of three natural ingredients. It has skin brightening properties, locks in moisture, and gives youthful, radiant skin.

2. Don’t Forget The Sunscreen

Even when you are indoors or the weather is overcast, UV rays can still harm your skin. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, up to 80% of the sun's dangerous UV radiation may penetrate clouds and still do harm.

VLCC Mineral Sunscreen with tint SPF 50 PA+++ is a rich mousse textured cream with 100% zinc oxide. It provides superior broad-spectrum protection against the harmful UVA & UVB rays. It is lightweight, non-greasy and silicone based with universal tint formulation that blends with every skin tone.

3. Vitamin C, A Must-Have

Improve your skincare routine with vitamin C. Wintertime vitamin C is helpful in blocking SPF rays that aren't completely stopped by sunscreen. It benefits skin pigmentation as well, which increases collagen synthesis and gives you a more even complexion.

We recommend the VLCC Vitamin C Serum which delivers powerful benefits of 15% vitamin C, ferulic acid and hyaluronic acid.

4. Stay hydrated

One of the best things you can do to avoid dry skin is actually drinking loads of fluids, mostly water. Not only does drinking a lot of water during the winters keep you hydrated but it also helps your skin stay nourished while also flushing out toxins from your system.

5. Avoid hot showers, pat yourself dry then moisturise

On a chilly winter morning, being in the shower with hot water pouring down your body must be quite alluring. However, hot water should be avoided or used for a brief period of time just because it is known for stripping moisture from our skin. Take short showers and mild baths instead.

After taking a shower, make sure to pat yourself dry instead of scrubbing your skin with the towel to avoid chafing. Always moisturise immediately after a shower to lock in the moisture in your skin. Use VLCC Almond & Honey Body Butter for a well moisturised and nourished skin.

So there you have it, tips and products that have been tried and tested to yield the best results for your skin during the winter months. Start preparing your routine for winter with the best skincare products from VLCC.


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