All You Need To Know About Your Sunscreen

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right Sunscreen!

Is it really necessary to use a Sun Screen every day?

The Sun emits harmful UVA & UVB Rays. UVA Rays prematurely age your skin causing wrinkles and age spots. UVB Rays are the primary cause of sunburn, thickening, and tanning. Sunscreen filters the UV rays and prevents them from damaging the skin. Hence it needs to be used every day.

What is the PA+ System?

PA+ indicates that you are well protected from the UVA rays. More number of ‘+’ sign indicates higher levels of protection.

What is SPF?

Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is a measure of a sunscreen’s ability to protect the skin from harmful UVB rays. Skin damage totally depends upon your skin type and the amount of sun exposure along with your location, season, and the time of the day. You must choose your SPF depending on all these factors.

When should one apply Sun Screen?

Apply sunblock 15-20 minutes before you step out in the sun. For best results, reapply the sunscreen every 2 to 3 hours.

How much quantity of Sun Screen should be used?

Generously coat the skin that will not be covered by clothing. The equivalent of two tablespoons of sunscreen to the exposed areas of the face and body should be adequate.

What is UVA Star Ratings?

The UVA star rating system allows one to see the amount of protection which each sunscreen offers from UVA rays. The sunscreens providing the minimum amount of protection have one star, and those with the maximum have five stars. The UVA star rating shows the percentage of UVA radiation that's been consumed by that particular sunscreen when compared with UVB. Boots developed the Boots Star Rating System in 1992 to measure UVA protection.

What SPF should one use?

Common Myths

Myth#1: Sunscreen is only needed during Summers.

Reality: Irrespective of the season, sun protection is a must.

Myth#2: I have a dark complexion…I don’t need Sunscreen!?

Reality: Dark skin does have built-in SPF! Although people of color might not burn as quickly as people with light skin, but they are still at risk of skin damage from excessive sun exposure like skin ageing, dark spots etc.

Myth#3: I need a Sunscreen to only prevent Skin Tan!

Reality: Tanning is one of the harmful effects of sun damage. However, there are arguably more serious effects like ageing, spots etc.


Now, that you know about the basic facts of Sunscreens, don't you think it would be great to have some added skin benefits to your Sunscreen? We have it all figured out for you with our Sunscreens that offer Sun Protection along with skin benefits! These are Paraben-Free formulations and are authenticated by Boots Star Rating.

VLCC Matte Look Depigmentation SPF 30 PA +++ Sun Screen Gel Creme

If you are bothered about Sunscreens making your skin sticky, try out VLCC Matte look De-pigmentation SPF 30 PA+++ Sun Screen Gel Creme which is a non-greasy, tinted formulation that blends easily with the skin tone. It provides Broad spectrum protection against sun’s harmful UVA & UVB rays.

Skin Benefits: It protects the skin against premature ageing & tanning. Works to reduce skin pigmentation and tanning leaving skin looking fresh and even toned.

Key Ingredients: Ceramide III, Saxifraga & Carrot Seed Extracts

VLCC De Tan SPF 50 PA+++ Sun Screen Gel Crème

Looking for SPF 50? Try VLCC VLCC De Tan SPF 50 PA+++ Sun Screen Gel Crème which is a unique formulation that delivers a powerful de-tanning action while protecting your skin from sun’s harmful UVA & UVB Rays.

Skin Benefits: It effectively prevents premature ageing on the skin & helps reduce dark patches, uneven skin tone & depigmentation leaving skin looking even, radiant & moisturized.

Key Ingredients: Saxifraga & Grape Fruit Extracts

VLCC 3D YouthBoost SPF 40 PA+++ Sun Screen Gel Crème

Is dehydrated skin concern while applying Sunscreen? Check out VLCC 3D YouthBoost SPF 40 Sun Screen Gel Crème which provides the skin with broad spectrum sun protection against harmful UVA & UVB rays.

Skin Benefits: Works effectively to maintain skin elasticity & firmness. It hydrates the skin while reducing skin pigmentation.

Key Ingredients: Saxifraga Extract, Morbus Bombycis Root Extract, Ceramide III & Vitamin B3

VLCC Water Resistant SPF 60 PA+++Sun Screen Gel Crème

Are you looking for a Sunscreen to use while playing sports or swimming or other outdoor activities? Check out VLCC Water Resistant SPF 60 PA+++ Sun Screen Gel Crème which is a powerful hydrophobic formulation that provides long-lasting, water resistant sun protection against sun’s harmful UVA & UVB rays.

Skin Benefits: Prevents premature skin ageing & tanning.

Key Ingredients: Ceramide III, Niacinamide & Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Grape & Carrot extracts

VLCC Fair+Glow SPF 20 PA++ Sun Screen Lotion

If you are planning to stay at home, with minimal exposure to the sun, then you can apply sunscreen with a lower SPF too. Check out VLCC Fair+Glow SPF 20 Sun Screen Lotion, which hydrates the skin while offering complete sun protection against UVA & UVB rays.

Skin Benefits: Works to soothe the skin while brightening complexion & enhancing skin glow.

Key Ingredients: Sandalwood Oil, Carrot Extract & Wheatgerm Extract


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